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Business Success, or failure?Stacked Fire extinguishers

Business owners, large and small, are bombarded with advice on how to achieve greater success.

Whether attending Business Clubs, Networking Groups or Growth Expos, being exposed to marketing emails or conventional mailing of flyers, the budding business owner is constantly being told how to get more customers, keep existing ones and make more money.

Start making a real success of it and you will get further bucket loads of advice on expansion; recruiting more staff, taking on an apprentice and moving to larger premises.

But take care your bubble doesn’t burst, or that your house of cards doesn’t tumble.


Time for Expansion

Broken SocketMany small businesses don’t consider Health & Safety arrangements when there are only 2 or 3 of them in the office and legally, although they should be ‘doing Health & Safety’ there are concessions to allow them to write practically nothing down about it.

Consequently, hundreds of thousands of such businesses, particularly office based ones, are forever ‘under the radar’ in the UK.

Problems really manifest themselves when the business expands. They’ve not been doing it, nothing seems to have gone wrong, so all attention is focused on further expansion, acquiring better clients and customers. But the business is being built on quicksand and it’s only a matter of time.


Easy as ABC?

Locked Door

Even the government adds to the illusion of there being no problem, with the Health & Safety Executive claiming it’s ‘Easy as ABC‘, yet an increasing number of small businesses are ending up in Court for H&S or Fire Safety failures.

We parted company with a Client earlier this year because the new owner is focused so much on expansion and cares little for the safety of his employees. When I made a scheduled visit and at midday found his new secure Fire Exit doors were still locked, I was bound to inform him this was a serious matter. His reaction to rant about ‘Bloody silly rules’ was the final straw; we cannot work with people who have no wish to work safely.

If you are expanding your business, either with increased employee numbers, a larger premises, or both, remember to review your safety arrangements.

Your offices are now a different layout so need reassessing, if you have a production area and/or warehouse it needs a fresh look.

Your Fire Risk Assessment will need reviewing if you are staying put and a completely new one will need doing if you have moved premises. You cannot just reuse one which you happen to find that had belonged to the previous occupier.

Don’t laugh, that was another bright idea proffered by that former client.


Seeking Assistance

Don’t let your business collapse, risking huge fines and a potential prison sentence, because you didn’t think about your health and safety.

Belvoir Safety Services provides bespoke and cost effective workplace Health & Safety consultancy services to smaller businesses across the East Midlands. Don’t delay, tomorrow is not just another day; it’s the day something might go wrong.

Contact us to see how we can help you.



Bernard Carey is a Chartered Occupational Safety & Health Practitioner, specialising in providing practical and proportionate support to small businesses.